Because of its fast processing speed and the open Android system, the CJA series has a relatively free software application environment for users. With the rich peripheral interface functions, users can choose a variety of ways to interact with the screen.For example, we can make wireless connection by high-speed WIFI6 or Bluetooth 5.2, or by high-speed Ethernet interface, so as to realize remote network control.In additional to the network interface, users can also directly connect with the customer's motherboard through our RS232/RS485 or UART serial port to realize data exchange. The 2-way high-speed USB HOST interface embedded in the module can connect standard peripheral devices such as mouse, USB camera and so on to realize plug and play.The 4 ohm 2.4 watt audio amplifier, microphone interface, etc. have been embedded in the module, and customers only need to connect with the corresponding equipment,Then  can use it immediately, It is simple and convenient. Thanks to the high-performance hardware of the CJA series and the free and stable Android system.It can basically achieved what customers want to display and control in this stage .